Body Rhythm Dance Theatre

H i s t o r y

 Founded in 2004 by Shirley Ann Bryant, the name BRDT is derived
 from the expression that the physical matter (body) possesses a spirit
 rhythm that performs daily on the stage of life. Once these physical
 beings cease to exist, the rhythm of the spirit will be remembered
 and felt throughout this life’s course.

 Body Rhythm Dance Theatre is comprised of dancers of various
 ages, ethnicity and backgrounds.  The company provides community services by providing free lessons to children whose family cannot afford it, schools and

The ensemble is a modern dance company, performing a repertoire
 of modern, jazz, hip hop in theme
and ethnic.

         Company Board

 Shirley Bryant
 President, Artistic Director 
 Owner, Body Rhythm Aerobics

 Jeffery Bryant
 Vice President
 Owner, Body Rhythm Aerobics

 Kau Gofan
 Financial Consultant,
 Rebko Consulting, LLC

 Kim Padgett 
 Kim’s Gem’s Salon
 Kim’s Gem’s Jewelry

 Doris Taylor-Turner
 Asst. Secretary 
 AKA Sorority

 Dr. Patricia Chatman
 Writer, Editor
 Walker Chatman Publishing

 Janie Owens

 HR Administrator
 (Ret)/Ford Motor/MBA

 Sharon Allan

 Bobbi Edwards M.D.
 Dermatology & Dermatologic

 Angela Gaye
 Teacher, Choreographer


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